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Wearable & Portable Tools, Stay moving with compact and purpose-built multi-tools.

Don’t Stop

The best tool is the one you have with you

One little thing. That’s all it takes to put the brakes on a perfect day out. It’s even worse when you realize the truth: One little thing could fix it – you just don’t have it with you.
Fix Manufacturing gives you what you need to face whatever a session throws down. It’s not just about owning the right tools. It’s about having them with you. Sure, you could toss tools in a bag, but maybe you’ll forget that bag or park too far to get it. You could stuff tools in your pockets, but who wants to be weighed down and bulked out?

Our multi-tools are about the size of a matchbox. They’re so handy and small, you can fit them in a coin pocket. You won’t even notice they’re there, and you won’t have to worry about one little thing ruining a perfect day out.

– Tony Zentil, Founder

9 products found in Fix Manufacturing

FIX MFG Wheelie Wrench™Pro
  • R 700.00
FIX MFG Wheelie Wrench™
  • R 500.00
FIX MFG Board Sword™ Pro
  • R 350.00
FIX MFG Strap On Tool Holster
  • R 430.00
FIX MFG Surf Keychain
  • R 210.00
FIX MFG All Out Belt™
  • R 499.00
FIX MFG All Time Belt™
  • R 700.00
FIX MFG Beer Bike Keychain
  • R 210.00
FIX MFG Dynaplug Wheelie Wrench Pro Hans Rey Edition
  • R 1,050.00