CARBONWORKS Lightweight 8g Bottle Cage

R 1,250

High strength and extremely light!

The CarbonWorks bottle cage is specially designed for high-performance cycling and offers aerodynamic advantages in addition to its low weight. It is made of two twisted carbon fiber composite tubes and offers high strength and an excellent grip at a remarkable weight.

This version of the bottle cage has a protective plastic layer to protect the carbon fibre underneath and to improve the bottle's grip. The coated bottle holder is therefore particularly suitable for off-road use. The appearance is somewhat duller due to the coating. The only disadvantage of the protective layer is the slightly higher weight. The coated version weighs a total of 8 grams.

The bottle cage is attached to the frame using two bolts on the flexible mounting holes. The hole spacing is variable with a distance of 60-70mm. Matching black anodized countersunk bolts are included in delivery.

Every CarbonWorks bottle cage is handmade in the CarbonWorks factory in Germany . The bottle cage is suitable for all common bicycle drinking bottles.

Material Carbon Fibre Sleeve
Weigt  8.0 Grams
Screw distance flexible 60 – 70 mm
Dimensions (LxBxH) 115 x 88 x 88 mm
Surface plastic-coated

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