RAF buddy

RAF Buddy provides practical everyday advice on road safety and will empower you with knowledge on all things related to the RAF (Road Accident Fund) should you or a loved one require assistance following an accident or simply just wanting to know more.
ABUS  is proud to be associated with RAF Buddy to assist and further drive the message of road safety for all road users and especially cyclist whom are very vulnerable on our roads.

Bike helmets ...can save your life

The current range of ABUS helmets are characterized by high-quality materials, the latest production processes and professional design.

Studies always confirm that wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of head injuries enormously in the event of a bicycle accident. More and more cyclists are realizing this and becoming fans of helmets – not only for sports, but also for everyday use. The current range of ABUS helmets are characterized by high-quality materials, the latest production processes and professional design.

From helmets for babies and children, through city helmets for shopping or commuting, to high-end sports helmets: ABUS offers helmets with good ventilation, great comfort and individual adjustment to fit your head.

Bicycle safety

Helmets are a cyclist's life insurance

Children are particularly prone to falling off their bikes and need effective protection. But adults and experienced bike riders are not invulnerable either. That's why cyclists in general should always wear a helmet, not only for sports on racing or mountain bikes, but also for everyday cycling e.g. to the office or to the supermarket. Studies show that around 85% of all cycling accidents result in head injuries, sometimes leading to long-lasting consequences. But about 80% of these injuries could have been avoided by wearing a bicycle helmet. Today's bicycle helmets are technically sophisticated, comfortable and, above all, stylish and fashionable. They are available for all ages and all requirements. Pay attention to the following points when buying and using bicycle helmets: 

  • A helmet must fit properly. It is recommended that you buy the helmet in a specialist bicycle shop where you will get expert advice; you will only want to wear a helmet that fits properly and does not hurt. You can try the helmets out in a specialist shop where the dealer is trained to adjust the helmet to fit properly.
  • The helmet should fit well and stay permanently adjusted. Good adjustment systems make this very easy.
  • Good ventilation with adequate air vents make it comfortable to wear.
  • A fly net to protect from insects is a must, especially in children's helmets.
  • Plenty of reflectors and integrated rear and/or flashing lights provide extra safety in the dark.
  • The chin strap should be soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Good helmets are generally made with the in-mold technology. In this process the shock-absorbing material is moulded to the outer shell. They are significantly safer than glued helmets in the event of impact e.g. falling onto a sharp object. In-mold helmets are also much lighter and last longer.
  • Make sure that the helmet has a certification mark displaying the DIN EN 1078 (CE) European norm.
CE EN 1078


  • Stay clear of helmets that don't have a certification mark.
  • Take your child along when you buy the helmet so that he or she can choose the helmet and try it on. Your child will only want to wear the helmet without complaining if he or she likes it and if it fits properly.
  • Helmets should only be worn when cycling, using inline skates or for other similar sports. Under no circumstances should the helmet be worn when playing, e.g. at the playground or on climbing frames. The danger of children getting caught on the equipment and suffering strangulation is too big.
  • A helmet only protects once. After a fall, accident or serious collision, it has served its purpose and must be replaced.
  • Adults and parents are role models for children. They should therefore set an example and also wear a helmet whenever they set off on their bikes.

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