Aduro 2.1

R 1,000

BE SPORTY WHILE ON THE MOVELightweight, durable helmet with a long-lasting combination of EPS core and Polycarbonate shell Adjustable ring connected to adjustment system enclosing half of the head Provides the helmet with additional protection from external damage Perfect fit for people with long hair 

The Aduro 2.1 is the perfect combination of performance and comfort. A helmet that can keep up with any speed.

The Aduro 2.1 is a helmet for ambitious bikers. With its intelligent features, perfect fit and high standards of absolute safety, the Aduro 2.1 is always the right choice for cycling.

This helmet is at home everywhere; whether on the wide country road or on the demanding trails in the woods and mountains. Maximum comfort, optimum ventilation and perfect safety are guaranteed.

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